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GLOBIS Hall* Conceptual perspective drawing

Multipurpose hall
with 2,000 seats-the largest capacity in Ibaraki
Prefecture-that can host a wide range of events,
including concerts and lectures

Three-tiered audience seating.
Depending on the scale of the event,
organizers can also use just the first tier (1,293 seats) or the first two tiers (1,626 seats).
Equipped with a Parent-Child Rooms that are glass-walled and soundproof.

Number of seats
2,000 seats
(first tier: 1,293 seats (family room: 8 seats), second tier: 333 seats, third tier: 374 seats, total: 2,000 seats)
  • *Accommodates up to 26 wheelchair spaces
Distance between stage and rear seats
Approx. 36 m,
ceiling height: approx. 3.2-22 m
Stage/auditorium arrangement
Proscenium, concert,
3-tiered balcony
Main stage
(proscenium arrangement)
Maximum width 18 m,
maximum height 10 m,
stage depth 17.5 m, approximately
Main stage
(concert arrangement)
Stage width 23.4 m,
height 13 m (10.7 m at back of stage),
depth 13.5 m (10.65 m on the main stage, 2.85 m on the front stage)
2 large dressing rooms (approx. 50-75 m2),
4 medium dressing rooms (approx. 20-28 m2),
5 small dressing rooms (approx. 15-22 m2)


UDOM Hall* Conceptual perspective drawing

Multipurpose hall
with 482 seats-a size
that is easy to use
on a day-to-day basis

A shoebox-shaped hall that can be used as a venue for chamber music,
theater and other active performances, as well as for lectures and ceremonies.

Number of seats
482 seats
  • *Accommodates up to 6 wheelchair spaces
Distance between stage and rear seats
Approx. 20 m,
ceiling height: approx. 2.8 m-9.3 m
Audience seating
Seat width: 52 cm, row width: 91 cm
Stage/auditorium arrangement
Open, proscenium,
single tier
Main stage
Approx. 198 m2
Stage dimensions
Stage opening: 15.6 m, depth: 9.6 m,
height: 9.3 m, approx.
3 small dressing rooms (approx. 7-13 m2)

Small Hall

Small Hall* Conceptual perspective drawing

Flat space in front of a stage with the same dimensions as the one in the Grand Hall

Capacity 192 people
Can be used as a venue for concerts, plays, lectures and other events for up to 100 people.
Mirrors on the walls allow the hall to also be used for dance practice, etc.

Area, etc.
Area:245 m2, ceiling height: approx. 7.0 m,
floor: wood flooring
192 people
2 small dressing rooms (approx. 6 m2)


Rooms for music practice,
band practice, cooking classes,
craft classes, and other activities
201, 202
Area, etc.
(approx. 36 m2
Area, etc.
(approx. 36 m2
204, 205, 206
Area, etc.
(approx. 7-31 m2
Area, etc.
(approx. 44 m2

Exhibition Room

In addition to being used for exhibiting photographs and paintings,
can also be used for a wide range of purposes, including business meetings

Area: approx. 425 m2,
height: 5 m
Movable partitions allow for various layout configurations and room divisions.

Area, etc.
Approx. 425 m2(width: 15.6 m, depth: 27.5 m, approx.)
Ceiling height
Approx. 5 m
Floor specifications
Load capacity: 5 t/m2

Conference Rooms

  • 大会議室
  • 中会議室
  • 小会議室
  • 特別会議室
Can be used for convention subcommittee meetings, etc.
Conference Hall
Full use: approx. 420 m2 (width: 25 m, depth: 16 m, approx.)
1/2 use: approx. 200 m2 (width: 12 m, depth: 16 m, approx.)
1/3 use: approx. 130 m2 (width: 8 m, depth: 16 m, approx.)
Full use: Classroom style: approx. 270 people
1/2 use: Classroom style: approx. 130 people
1/3 use: Classroom style: approx. 70-100 people
Ceiling height
Approx. 3.55-4.0 m
Conference Room
301, 302, 303, 304
Area, etc.
4 rooms, area: 68 m2 (3 rooms), 74 m2 (1 room ), ceiling height: approx. 3.6 m, approx.
Classroom style: approx. 36 people
Meeting Room
305, 306, 307, 308
Area, etc.
4 rooms, area: approx. 39-41 m2, ceiling height: 3.6 m
Classroom style: 24 people
Executive Meeting Room
309, 310
Area, etc.
2 rooms, area: 25-42 m2, ceiling height: approx. 3.6 m, approx.
6-14 people

Japanese-Style Room

Two washitsu (Japanese-style room) (area: 12 and 15 tatami mats)
and one itanoma (traditional room with a wooden floor) (area: 22 tatami mats),
each with a mizuya (preparation area used for the Japanese tea ceremony)

Can be used for tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, and Japanese dance,
as well as for special performances or demonstrations during conferences.

Area, etc.
2 rooms, area: 12 and 15 tatami mats
17-21 people
Area, etc.
1 room, area: 22 tatami mats
30 people

Yagura Plaza

Yagura Plaza* Conceptual perspective drawing

Indoor plaza constructed with wooden pillars and beams

Area: approx. 280 m2, capacity: 500 people
Can be used to hold sale events, panel displays, and public viewings of sports, etc.

Approx. 810 m2 (of which, approx. 280 m2 is available to hire)

Entrance Plaza

Approx. 377 m2

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    • From JR Tokyo Station

      Visitors traveling from
      Shinagawa Station, Tokyo Station, or Ueno Station

      Express bus

      (Akatsuka route),
      100 min.
      Get off at Izumicho Itchome bus stop,
      1-min. walk

      Limited express

      Joban Line,
      Hitachi or Tokiwa services
      65-85 min.

      Local train

      Joban Line, 130-150 min.

    • From JR Iwaki Station
      Limited express

      Joban Line,
      Hitachi or Tokiwa services
      70 min.

      Local train

      Joban Line, 100 min.

    • From Ibaraki Airport

      Visitors traveling from
      Sapporo, Kobe, Fukuoka, or Naha

      Limousine bus

      40-70 min.

    • From Haneda Airport
      Limousine bus

      120 min.

    • From Narita Airport
      Limousine bus

      120 min.

    • From JR Mito Station

      5 min. from North Exit
      (bus stops 4-7)
      Get off at Izumi-cho Itcho-me bus stop, 1-min. walk


      20 min.


Management Office

1-7-1, Izumicho, Mito-city, Ibaraki, 310-0026
TEL: +81-29-303-6226
FAX: +81-29-303-6225

Office Hours

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(Excludes Closing Days)